The future of ecommerce is really exciting! At Happeno we understand that the world is only moving forward and that being innovative is important. We truly believe that the future of ecommerce is going to change everything. The big players in the ecommerce industry who are not open for changes are the ones who will eventually just die. Overnight.

The Future of Ecommerce Is All About Human Connections

Future Ecommerce

We believe future ecommerce is all about human connections. There is no greater marketing than real people and their opinions. Imagine a friend of yours is telling you about these great products she/he just bought. Now imagine a company telling you about their product and how great it is. Who would you believe more and who would make a bigger impact on you? Your friend or the company that is actually promoting a product to sell more?

According to research, we would rather buy something that a friend/family member is talking nice about, than from a company who is marketing their own product. This is the concept we believe and focus on. Human connections over million dollars advertising campaigns. We want real and honest feedback shared about products that are coming from people you trust.

The Future of Ecommerce Enables You to Get Paid to Buy Products

How amazing would it be to get paid to buy products? That spending money would result in getting money back. This is the future of ecommerce and we’re already starting to make it happen on Happeno. By becoming a Happeno Influencer you are investing for free in the future of ecommerce. You have the chance to make an impact and build a following that will result in an amazing ecommerce journey.

If you love shopping and ecommerce you should definitely become an Happeno Influencer. Let’s say you just bought a sweater from the marketplace and you want to share this with your friends and family. Take a picture of you wearing the sweater, upload the picture and tag the product in the post. Your friends will then be able to see the exact product you are wearing and they can easily purchase the same. When this happens, you are inspiring others to make great purchases that they know is resulting in a great product. Because you’re using it, and loving it!

Share and Get Paid through Different Monetizing Channels

Since you are the one making new sales happen, you should be awarded for it. The future of ecommerce will enable you to make money by buying products and sharing your feedback with your friends and followers.

Partner with Brands

Brands would want to partner up with Happeno Influencers to get you to try their product and share your feedback. Get connections and build partnerships with the brands you love. This will result in massive revenue as influencers are earning money per post.

Affiliate Sales

Earn money for each referral that purchases something through your post. If you tag a product you are using and someone is purchasing it, you should get paid. This is an effective way to make sure your hard work is paying off.

Promote your Own Store

Just started a store and need to increase your brand awareness. You could use your Happeno Profile to bring your friends and followers to your store. They would love to see you showcasing your own products and our platform would make it easy for them to discover and purchase.

Get Paid Per Views

Just as in advertising, the future of ecommerce will enable you to get paid per views. And by this, we mean you get paid for each person that views your post and the products you are showcasing.

The Future of Ecommerce Is Happeno

Instead of focusing too much on fancy technology, we should be focusing on making the future ecommerce more honest and transparent. Real human connections from people we trust, is what’s going to change how we shop online. We need to make it easy for people to discover new products and to share this with the world. Your voice matters and everyone can influence and make a business out of it. For those who love ecommerce, you should be excited about the future and our plans for Happeno. We promise you that the future belongs to us.

So be sure to open your free store or sign up to become an Happeno Influencer.
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