Do you want an interesting and hard-hitting advice from Jay Shetty on what to think about before you buy something? Read how Jay Shetty explains with incredible insight and moving speech, to make us more open-minded and transparent about our shopping habits.

Jay Shetty is a motivational speaker and lifestyle vlogger, who went viral with his “Changing the world begins with us” video, which received over 10 million views. He was nominated for the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe Class of 2017 and won third place in the Guardian Rising Star Award in 2015. He has worked as the senior host and producer for The Huffington Post. He’s appeared on BBC Radio London, BBC Asia Network and Channel 4.

Jay Shetty was listening and reading the advice and stories of CEOs, of highly successful business and marketing people, but the words of a monk when he was 18 resonated with him more powerfully than anything else, despite him never being spiritual or religious.

Advice From Jay Shetty Before You Buy Something

“The more things that we see, the more things that we want. Things just can’t make us happy. And I know you know this and I know everyone’s heard it before and it sounds like a cliche, but the way we live means we don’t really understand it.

Happiness is how you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself. See, all of these adverts, they make us think that we need to add something to our lives to make them better. Not realizing that actually, we feel happier when we subtract things from our lives and make them simpler.

So, today we saw those shoes. You buy them, and then what? They’re not in fashion a week or a month later. You buy those clothes that you saw. Again, not in fashion a week or a month later. See, the thing is when you buy something, you’re not actually buying that thing. You’re trying to buy the feeling that you think you’re missing.

So, when we want that watch, that bag, that car, what we’re actually looking for is recognition, popularity, and self-worth. And see, that’s the thing – We’ve grown up watching adverts and television on the streets and now on social media. That makes us believe if you wear this, you’ll be more confident. If you have this, you’ll be more attractive. That’s what we have to ask ourself – Why do we want these things?

Do we want them to make other people feel jealous? Do we want them so that we can compare ourselves to someone else? Do we want them because someone else has them? If the answer is any of those things, we’ll always feel let down. But if the answer is we want to feel better about ourselves. If the answer is we feel more confident. If the answer is we feel greater self-worth, then it’s different.

See, that’s the thing. We tell ourselves that when I get this, then I’ll be happy. We’re basically just delaying and postponing our happiness based on some material thing when what we don’t realize is that, if we don’t love what we do every day, it won’t matter what we have. And you can have all the most amazing things in the world but if you don’t love who you are and you don’t love what you do, nothing can replace that feeling.

And we all know you can’t buy those things. You have to build them. You have to create them. You have to find them. And that’s why so many of us – We end up spending money we don’t have, to buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like. See, I’m not saying you can’t have nice things and you shouldn’t want them, it’s when we believe that those things are going to make us happy – That’s when we fall short. Having nice things and wanting them is absolutely fine, but when we believe that having that thing in our life is going to change and transform how we feel, that’s where we go wrong.

Not realizing that the only thing that can make you happy is you. “
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